From the creator of BlephEx, introducing a breakthrough in the treatment of acne!

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The perfect solution for all types of acne and other inflammatory skin conditions.

Teenagers and young adults

Middle-aged and older adults

Blepharitis, red eyes and dryness

Cystic inflammation, sebaceous glands

Shaving rash and razor bumps.

Rosacea, nose acne

How does XEMO PRO work?

Invented by a Board Certified MD.

XEMO PRO was invented by a board-certified medical doctor who suffered from folliculitis barbae. He was the first to discover the true cause of acne...biofilm. It is painless with zero downtime, zero redness and zero side effects.

What is biofilm?

Biofilm is a virtually indestructible matrix produced by bacteria that protect them and allow them to produce toxins that cause all types of acne. But the biofilm is no match for XEMO PRO! The all-natural acne treatment.

Xemo vaporizes biofilm.

XEMO PRO uses a unique patented electron wave technology to penetrate and destroy the root cause of acne...the biofilm. Small, discreet XEMO PRO is portable so you can use it on the go. Stay zit-free everyday on vacation, on your cruise or during work.


Clear skin for everyone