The Science Behind Clear Skin

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What is Biofilm?

Biofilm is a microscopic matrix produced by bacteria. It is their fortress against the outside world and exist anywhere bacteria live, but only if sufficient moisture is present. Biofilms are very tenacious and virtually impenetrable. Plaque on our teeth is an example. The biofilms allow the bacteria within to drastically increase their population. Once the bacterial densities reach a critical level, they begin producing toxins (virulence factors) which cause inflammation of the host tissue.

How XEMO PRO clears your skin.

Waves of Electricity

Biofilms are virtually indestructible. But researchers have recently discovered the silver bullet against biofilms... a simple low voltage current, that if configured with the exact frequency and pulse interval, becomes an acne treatment that will completely vaporize biofilm in a matter of seconds. The latest in skin care and rosacea elimination.

Less time than it takes to brush your teeth

One at-home treatment episode is typically 30 seconds. Two treatments a day will typically resolve most teenage acne issues within a few weeks to a few months. The sooner the acne treatment starts, the quicker the results. Acne rosacea may take longer depending on how bad it is, and how long it has been present. These adults need to be more patient for the best skin care results.

Scar tissue

XEMO PRO cannot eliminate scar tissue or other damage from severe acne. But early and regular use can significantly reduce the chance of pock marks, icepick scars and other unsightly scars of acne. Use XEMO acne treatment for the best in skin care, rosacea care and biofilm elimination!

XEMO PRO is comfortable

You will experience a tingling in your skin as the acne treatment is active, but XEMO PRO is not painful. The gentle waves of electricity are delivered via adhesive pads designed to optimize the proper delivery of the electric waveform, and provide the best coverage for your face. The pads are replaced once a week for best skin care results.

XEMO PRO comes with everything you need!

XEMO PRO comes with the waveform generator, and a set of transmission pads, one for the mouth area, the cheeks, the nose, and the eyes. Yes, XEMO even helps with the redness and irritation around your eyes, also caused by a biofilm! The latest in acne treatment, rosacea care and overall skin care.

XEMO PRO is affordable

For less than the cost of one doctors visit with a prescription, you can perform your own acne treatment from home with your patented XEMO PRO! Instead of treating acne with harsh chemicals, XEMO PRO is all natural skin care. We simply remove the bacteria's biofilm! This treat acne, rosacea, and folliculitis barbae at the same time!