Dr. James Rynerson
CEO and Founder

Dr. James Rynerson received his medical degree from University of Louisville in 1990 and completed his ophthalmology residency at LSU in Shreveport. He was in private practice for 18 years with an emphasis on LASIK and cataract surgery.

Not long after going into private practice, Dr. Rynerson developed the biofilm theory of dry eye disease, and was the first to propose the etiology of biofilms and virulence factors within the sebaceous meibomian glands as the source of low-grade inflammatory damage to these tear glands. Dr. Rynerson and Dr. Perry (Professor at Nassau University, Long Island) published the first paper to outline the biofilm theory of dry eye disease, fully explaining the progressive nature of biofilm-induced dry eye. He was also first to recognize the similarities between the benefits of dental hygiene and lid hygiene and the first doctor to implement the use of a special electron waveform to vaporize biofilm.

Suffering from shaving acne, Dr. Rynerson soon realized that the sebaceous glands of the face were no different than the meibomian glands of the eyelids, except for the fact that the meibomian glands are wet allowing for biofilm production, and the face is generally dry…except during puberty when these glands become over hyperactive, or are subjected to the microscopic trauma of shaving.

After testing XEMO PRO on himself, colleagues and many volunteers, he found that the vaporizing effects of the electron waveform sped the resolution of acne significantly.

Dr. Rynerson currently lectures around the world on biofilm related diseases and the similarities between different biofilm-induced inflammatory diseases such as dry eye disease and acne.