How does XEMO PRO work?

XEMO PRO works by reducing or eliminating the poor cause of acne, biofilm, similar to plaque on the teeth. The patented electron waveform causes biofilm to vaporize thereby drastically reducing its ability to cause disease.

Does XEMO PRO hurt?

XEMO PRO is essentially painless. Someone might feel a bit of a tickle or buzzing depending on the energy level they choose. We recommend no further increase in power once the current is felt, so therefore the treatment should never become uncomfortable.

Can XEMO PRO cause any damage?

Only to biofilm! The voltage is only 6 volts and the amperage is extremely low. The voltage is less than what is in your car. Using the XEMO PRO for one minute twice a day cannot cause any tissue damage.

What precautions should be taken with XEMO PRO?

Anyone wearing a pacemaker should avoid using XEMO PRO. If you have metal dental implants you should avoid using around the mouth area.

Should I use XEMO PRO everyday?

Yes, best results are obtained when XEMO PRO is used daily. We recommend twice a day for 2 weeks, then decreasing to once a day.

How long will the pads last?

The adhesive pads will lose their stickiness after several uses, but will still conduct the electron waveform. They can then simply be held into position during the treatment. Over time, the pads will accumulate dead skin cells, keratin, oils and other debris, slowly losing their ability to transmit the electrons. It is then time to order a fresh set of pads.

Can I order a set of pads online?

Yes, go to our online store to order more pads, accelerator solution or an extra brush.

Can I ever stop using XEMO PRO?

We recommend using XEMO PRO daily until you are beyond puberty.
After your acne has resolved, we recommend still using it once or twice a week for maintenance, or more if you have future outbreaks.

Will XEMO PRO work without the Accelerator solution?

XEMO PRO vaporizes biofilm with or without the accelerator, but your acne will resolve more quickly if used in conjunction with the bristle brush and Accelerator.

What is the warranty on XEMO PRO?

XEMO PRO has a one year manufacturers warranty.

What if I do not feel anything after increasing the power?

In this situation, your pads are beyond their useful life, your XEMO PRO is not fully charged, is faulty, or is not hooked up correctly. Make sure that you have set up your device to deliver output from your chosen port, either A for Face (acne) or B for over the eyes, for dry eye.